nano shoots video

Red, blue, black, green, yellow, orange, purple, silver, hot pink, the iPod Nano can be any color of the rainbow. In this short, feel good advertisement Apple tunes into what it feels like to listen to music and how to get viewers to want their product to jam out.

With a simple, clean white background each dancer pops, their color coordinated outfits and gyrating bodies bring out the life in music and the product itself. A short, 30-second clip allows the viewer to feel as if high-tech is simple, that all an iPod is your dancing feet and your music.

The new iPod Nano features a recording device, which this advertisement is entirely based upon. Perspective wise, a white background pops brightly clothed dancers dancing to a simple song as a large thumb holds a brightly colored iPod Nano in the forefront of the view recording each individual dancer. The brightly colored iPod Nano quickly is pulled off of the screen and another brightly colored Nano reappears, this time recording a different dancer in clothing that matches the Nano itself.

Clean-cut and crisp this advertisement appeals to any viewer’s eyes. It is young and fresh while exciting and effective. The words quickly appear: “nano shoots video,” and closes with: “iPod Nano,” simple, effective, and to the point, just as the visuals are.

It would be difficult to not understand the concept of this advertisement even with the absence of the text, it is very clear; you have brightly colored iPod Nano’s, people dancing to music, and a iPod Nano recording the people dancing.

I chose this commercial because iPod commercials, let alone all Apple commercials, always catch my eye. They are enjoyable and you can’t help but want to dance. I also like the simplicity of it; everything is very clean and concise. I wouldn’t change anything about this commercial and that is why I chose it, for this is the kind of visuals I enjoy, clean, simple, while still effective.


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