the new taste of temptation


Absolut Vodka is known for their eye-catchingly clever advertisements.  The ad above features Absolut’s new flavor of vodka: Asolut Pears.

When the eye simply looks at this advertisement the colors pop. The contrast created between the deep black background and lime-green snake, text, and font on the bottle mesmerize the eye and seduce the eye to look further. Centered in the top of the photograph the tail of the snake slowly leads your eye down to a creative pear shape in the snakes stomach, further down to the bottle that the tail is wrapped around, and finally to the tongue of the snake, where below the text reads “THE NEW TASTE OF TEMPTATION.”

Why is this simple, glimmering, lime-green snake so intriguing? Deliberately organized and specifically placed this lime-green snake is saying something in and of itself. The snake and the text at the bottom of the ad refer to biblically known Adam and Eve. Simply put, in the notorious tale of Adam and Eve a snake entices Eve to eat an apple, tempting Adam to eat the apple, and then evil entered the world. Despite the fact that there is a pear in the snake’s stomach and not an apple, the use of this symbolism is still relevant. The term “temptation” parallels the idea of eating the apple, the use of the snake parallels the idea of Adam and Eve, the creative twist is the pear. Absolut is informing the viewer of this ad that the pear is tempting and worth the consequence of evil.

An apparent choice for the font, snake, and bottle to be lime-green, I mean isn’t a pear and a snake generally green? Yes and no. Green symbolizes something, green symbolizes envy, the temptation of envy, you want to buy Absolut Vodka because you don’t have it. The glimmering of the snake juxtaposes the idea of evil, the snake is not dirty, but glamorous. Beautifying the snake, which is seen by many people to be a creepy-crawler that completely turns away their urge to drink or eat, makes the snake look enticing, tempting, valuable, envious. The viewer of this ad wants that pear in their stomach, liquefied with vodka or not.

The creative side of this advertisement, to me, shines clear in its organization. The obvious leading of the eye with the tail is unique, but to me the emphasis on the product versus the brand is what is the most significant. Absolut can only be read on the bottle that is slanted as to make it not as easily read, while the pear stands loud and clear, as does the text at the bottom referencing the taste of the new vodka versus the product as a whole.

The perspective on the bottle is seen from a birds eye view, as if you were preying on the vodka itself, not necessarily the snake. You are envious of the bottle and the pear, you want to eat it, and you will hunt it down. The spotlight on the bottle and pear exaggerates this sense of wanting, needing, and focus.

As a whole I appreciate this ad not only for its creativity, which most Absolut ad’s are well known for, but for its organization and emphasis. The ad is seductive in and of itself. It is beautifully crisp, clean, and memorable.


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