nip / tuck

The title sequence I chose to review is the opening credits for the television series Nip/Tuck. The premise of the show is plastic surgery, hence the title: Nip/Tuck. The title sequence of the show embodies the blunt nature of the title, with the combination of music and visuals, the literacy is apparent, the show is about plastic surgery.

This 45-second title sequence begins with a white manikin being drawn on by a doctor in a white latex glove placing dotted red lines on the body, literally showing a plastic surgeon editing a patient’s body. The music is a steady slow paced beat that the red dots move in rhythm with.

Slowly the frame zooms out from the up close hand drawing the lines to two naked manikins lying on a muted grey background as the red lines are drawn in between them where the title of the show appears in red simple font: NIP/TUCK. As the viewer does not expect the manikins to move all of a sudden the hand of the left manikin pulses to the beat of the music, symbolizing the transformation from fantasy to reality, imperfection to perfection.

The pace and volume of the music picks up as a slow zoom in of a masculine manikins jaw line appears and a zoom in of the surgeon drawing lines under what can be assumed to be the manikins breast re appears, the voice of a woman starts eerily singing “make me beautiful.”

Soon you see a landscape image of torso’s of manikins bodies places in faded brown boxes, the manikins are eye catching in a solid white, as the background is of muted browns and grays. The manikins are all identical in physique but facing various directions.

Next comes the close up of a manikins all white face that transforms into human as the eye of the manikin opens to the beat of the music, a blue eye is exposed with long exaggerated lashes, once again symbolizing the transformation from plastic to flesh.

A background of what can be understood as LA, California is the background of the next frame as palm trees and the clouds quickly move, as an idol naked manikin stands centered outside. The background moves very quickly from the background to the forefront of the visual.

Finally comes the background of the clouds and a close up of a white manikin’s face slowly transforms into a real person with beige skin and plump pink lips. Opaque red dots cut the screen in half and the title sequence has ended.

The title sequence follows a color composition of white, red, and muted colors that slowly transforms into strong colors in the end. The music along with the visuals give an eerie feel to the whole sequence, as it can also be found to be some what calming. I chose this title sequence because I felt that it did a good job of visually expressing the premise of the show as well as was very visually appealing.


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  1. olaelrefai

    i love this title sequence. it portray everything from the show itself. It os done in a non-cleche while still giving out the message that it tries to give out to its audience.

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