a cause des garcons

The song A Cause Des Garcons is a piece produced by the artist Yelle. The video itself holds a constant theme of industrial like backgrounds, three men in white t-shirts, black jeans, and colorful shoes, and five larger than life letters spelling the artists name: Yelle. The video is shot almost entirely from one camera angle. With a few close ups of shoes, the camera is stationary, and only at one point using the special effect of stuttering the images. The clip begins with a close up of a person pumping the tongue of a colorful shoe to the beat of the music and continues with three men carrying the larger than life letters into the background. Slowly one man is dancing in the forefront of the image, as two men symmetrically frame the centered man in the background by the letters. The video becomes interesting when each man is dancing in what can be assumed to be the back of a truck, illustrating the industrialized theme, next to a single letter. Through the technique of stuttering the movement, a different man keeps replacing the previous and the letters replace each other slowly spelling out Yelle.  The video then clips to a four window screen view of the dancers, to then a nine window, and progressively dividing into more windows. Suddenly the viewer is back to the beginning of the video, where the men are dancing in the same street, with the same letters, and the same camera angle and walk away closing the video.

I found this video to be a good music video for it was an interesting approach to a media that is currently overrun by modern special effects. Simple in its depiction and attention grabbing in its illustration, I believe that this video was a very clear example of a well done music video.


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